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Sharp Solar is a reliable, clean source of energy, designed for a variety of electrical power requirements. The Sharp Solar GridPower allows you to produce your own power therefore reducing your power bills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Sharp Solar GridPower  has been built with great durability to withstand rigourous operating conditions. With a solar cell capacity of 450 megawatts worldwide and more than 200,000 istallations per year, Sharp Solar is the leader in world solar production.

Many places uses the Sharp Solar GridPower including office buildings, private homes, caravans, holiday houses, cabins and solar power stations, just to name a few.

Sharp Solar GridPower Features

  • High power module
  • Photovoltaic module with bypass diode minimizes the poor drop caused by shade.
  • Anti-reflection coating and Back Surface Field structure to improve cell conversion efficiency.
  • White tempered glass, ECA resin and a waterproof film, plus aluminum frame for extended outdoor use
  • Output terminal: lead wire with waterproof connector.

Benefits Of Sharp Solar GridPower

  • Much better for the environment
  • Reduces power bills
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Government Rebates and Incentives